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MGT PM-234.1 Altitude Measurement Device


Mobile station




         Measurement device for monitoring flight altitude


·        Registering of flight altitude above ground

·        Storing the altitude data

·        On-line transmission of the altitude data to a ground station via data radio


·        3 adjustable limit values with optic and acoustic transmission when

         values are exceeded (passed)

·        Different status messages for a faultless display of the limit values

·        Programmable terminal

·        2 types of operation

-         Indication and storage of measure data

-         Indication and storage of measure data with simultaneous

radio transmission

·        Safeguard against faulty operating over different PIN-CODES

·        (manipulation) safe against arbitrary faulty operating

·        Possibility to calibrate by the owner

-         Pressurised cabin

-         Input of correcting factors transmitted in the factory

-         Applying a permanent tension on the measuring device for

simulation of the altitude and introduction of the data delivered

in the measurement protocol


Technical data:
Dimensions:                                       approx. 200 x 100 x 43 mm

Weight:                                             560 g inclusive Batterien

Pressure sensor:                                 piezo resistant sensor with 0 -5 V output

Scale:                                                0 - 5000 m

Scale pressure sensor:                         0 - 1200 mbar

Division:                                            1 m

Accuracy:                                           approx. 0,2 % linearized

Display:                                             2 x 20 digits

Measured value storage:                      approx. 30 minutes

Sampling rate:                                    0,1 seconds already averaged

Data radio modem:                             434 MHz band

Data interface:                                    RS 232



Supply: 4 x 1,5 V Mignon Batterie














Receiver Station





•       Receiver station


·        Interface to the PC of received altitude data

·        3 (4) parallel sampling possibilities by different frequencies
         and connection to the PC

·        Recording flight altitude above ground

Technical data:

Dimensions:                             350 x 170 x 220 mm

Weight:                                    approx. 4.000 g inclusive Akku

Connecting cable for PC:            max. 15 m

Data interface:                          RS 232


Supply: 12 VDC / 3 Ah

Lead gel rechargeable Akku via integrated charger connector and a supplied charging device




PC program


Data            Data            Connection            Connection
open            save             on                         off












                                                  Receiving window






PC evaluation programme

●       On-line display of flight altitude

●       On-line graphic display of flight altitude

●       Registration of altitude limits by means of the joint code system

●       Storage of measured data for later documentation

      Synchronisation of measured data by means of code system and system clock

●       Altitude limits, which can be inserted manually or by received altitude status transmitted from the mobile station

●       Acoustic and optic signal in case of exceeded (passed) limit values

●       Possibility to read out the stored data from the mobile station via a  "down-load" function. These values remain stored until the mobile        

         station is again zeroed.





1) Mobile Station Only:


For training purposes the pilot can use the Mobile Station alone in the glider. He will be informed about the height limits by different beeps. The data of the actual flight are recorded within the station and can be read out after the flight to a computer. The software allows an analysis of all figures. Zoom function helps for detailed information. In competitions this mode can be used as a backup for eventual protests. Remark: only one flight stays recorded.


2) Mobile Stations and Receiver Station:


Up to 4 Mobile Stations with different frequencies can be used at the same time. The Receiver Station has a Switch to choose the actual Mobile Station, which is in the glider entering the aerobatic box. Errors caused by wrong signals from other gliders not flying within the box are not possible. The height limits are shown with different beeps. This is the easiest configuration for competitions, handled in the same way as existing instruments. The flight is recorded in each Mobile Station for later read out as neccessary.


3) Mobile Stations, Receiver Station and Computer:


In this configuration the flight is recorded within the Mobile Stations as well as in the computer, which enables to follow the flight online at the ground. Within different windows the software allows to show the flight path and/or the actual height in big digits and/or the history in digit columns. All three informations may be demonstrated at the same time.